Children In Sport

The Child In Sport

The legs and feet of young athletes are vastly different to those of an adult sportsman or lady. Bone and muscle structures of children are still developing and will continue to develop until well into their late teens. Throughout this time, controlled and supervised exercise and sport is essential for the well-being, growth and maturation of your child’s lower limbs. Having said that, uncontrolled, excessive exercising may prove detrimental for the typical development of the young athlete.

Body posture is highly controlled by our lower limbs. If a youngster has some type of foot or leg mal-alignment, it’s possible that sport will boost the impact of this imbalance as the body compensates in different areas to allow the junior athlete to perform at his or her best. Typical walking may perhaps not upset the issue; it might only be aggravated and displayed during the rigours of physical exercise. Podiatrists are wellbeing experts trained to examine the child’s lower limbs, diagnose, treat problems and attempt to stop any negative condition progressing.

Several forms of injuries seen, involve the growth centres of the bones (epiphyses). Epiphyses are soft places of cartilage. If traumatised from the shock stresses of exercise, or from the dramatic pull of muscles and ligaments, the epiphyses may perhaps be inflamed. If this occurs, temporary or even permanent deformity to the child’s legs and feet could result.

For the parents of a sporting child, there are many important issues to consider when caring for the child’s feet and legs:

Look – for just about any unusual changes inside the child’s walking or running
Listen – to your child for any persistent complaints of aches, pains, etc.
Keep in mind – what you have noticed and heard
Consult – your Podiatrist for diagnosis and therapy

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