Sound Advice

SOUND ADVICE 30 years ago when I began life as a podiatrist, there were many shoes! Now, the choice is almost endless with a countless myriad of running footwear available. So, the question shouldn’t be “what is the best shoe … Continued

Workplace Foot Safety

Workplace Foot Safety Any workplace injury is a cause for concern. A traumatic injury sustained to the  foot is also of great concern as it can lead to a range of ongoing physical impairments: Immediate and long term loss of … Continued

Prevention Possibilities

Sports Injuries of the Feet – Prevention Possibilities Sport is fantastic for general fitness but the extra tension on the feet can lead to injuries from minor strains and pains to fractures. Considering that sport places huge demand on one’s … Continued

Children In Sport

The Child In Sport The legs and feet of young athletes are vastly different to those of an adult sportsman or lady. Bone and muscle structures of children are still developing and will continue to develop until well into their … Continued

Socks – Why Do We Need to Wear Them?

Socks – Why Do We Need to Wear Them? The question of socks and hot, sweaty feet is one that generally requires a podiatrist to address. Some people involved in sporting activities are inclined to think that to put on … Continued

Choosing Appropriate School Shoes

Choosing Appropriate School Shoes All parents choose to make certain their youngsters place their very best foot forward when they go off to school – and there is certainly no better method of carrying that out than making certain they’ve … Continued

Elderly Feet

Older Feet As people age sustaining mobility and independence are of utmost significance. Foot complications in the elderly are frequent and are the cause of much discomfort and disability with consequent loss of independence. The pro-active management of foot problems … Continued

Feet Issues For Diabetics

Feet Issues For Individuals With Diabetes Diabetics are constantly at risk of presenting with foot challenges as reduced blood flow to the feet might bring about loss of sensation to the feet. Due to reduced blood flow diabetics are also … Continued