Prevention Possibilities

Sports Injuries of the Feet – Prevention Possibilities

Sport is fantastic for general fitness but the extra tension on the feet can lead to injuries from minor strains and pains to fractures. Considering that sport places huge demand on one’s feet, you need to take special care of them. You could stop or reduce the impact of most sports injuries by wearing the appropriate shoes developed for your sport, performing stretching exercises, conditioning oneself gradually and through properly fitted orthotic inserts. Orthotics are contoured foot appliances custom produced individually to fit into your shoes. These are made for your specific kind of sports associated foot challenge.

Stretching and conditioning are vital components in any sport. A very good conditioning program develops strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, agility and quicker reaction time. It is very crucial for the athlete to be adequately conditioned so as to retain his or her wellness and effectiveness during competition. This includes the prevention of injury.

When individuals have conditioned themselves correctly and nevertheless have an inherent structural weakness, what can they do? For most athletes the first thought is to strengthen the weakened area, however the best solution could be try to support weakened areas and balance unbalanced structures with the use of protective and supportive devices – for the feet.

Structural variations inside the foot, leg or hip may exist without impeding well-being in everyday life, however, complications normally arise when these structures are expected to take on additional stresses from physical sporting activities. Problems may arise in the form of shin splints general soreness and tendonitis. These can now be treated effectively together with the assistance of a podiatrist.

Shin splints can be brought on by overuse of your leg muscles; discomfort and swelling are apparent where tendon meets bone, frequently in the front or inside on the lower leg. The region around the Achilles tendon can inflame and discomfort radiates to the heel, ankle and calf. Overuse or twisting can over- stretch or tear the muscles, ligaments and tendons at the ankle, causing extreme pain.. Therapy may perhaps involve ice and strapping. Heel pain is often associated with the condition known as heel spurs. The pain is caused by injury to the plantar fascia, the long ligament which runs the length of the arch.

Orthotics are usually used as one element of the treatment plan for these situations along with well designed  exercise plans to remedy any imbalance within the foot. Orthotics realign and manage every one of the joints within the feet to ensure that the most effective functional position is achieved and maintained. Painful situations for instance those described above are often prevented if an inherent structural weakness within the feet is detected early and treated by a podiatrist.

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