My services include assessment and treatment for corns and callouses, nail & skin care, diabetic foot management, sports podiatry, bio-mechanical & postural assessments for adults and children, orthotic therapy, and footwear advice and adjustments.

No referral is required except for Veteran’s Affairs gold card holders and clients covered by Medicare through the Enhanced Primary Care Scheme.
Privately insured clients can process their health insurance fund rebate claim here on the spot with HICAPS.
EFTPOS is also available.
I am a registered provider with the National Disabilities Insurance Scheme.

Over-Ground Video Gait Analysis

Running behind a runner to assess their foot and lower limb mechanics is a good way to see what’s happening, but it is hard to demonstrate it to the person being followed. A video gait analysis using a treadmill is a good way to assess and correct technique faults and identify biomechanical anomalies, however treadmill running has its own short-comings: having the ground being pulled out from underneath you can take some getting used to and usually results in a shortened, tentative stride in the uninitiated.
Partly to solve these problems and partly to get out of my office and do something a bit different, I film runners with a GoPro camera mounted on my bike. Whilst it has its own difficulties (like rain!), I’ve been having fun with it and it is proving very effective at diagnosing issues things that runners were previously unaware of.
With this knowledge, I can work with a runner to correct faulty biomechanics, assess foot and leg function, and advise on the right shoes, as well as provide effective cues to improve technique and begin to re-train a runner.
Finding answers for injuries and preventing them from occurring (or recurring) is what it’s all about!
To book an over-ground video gait analysis, please call my rooms on 08 8365 1415
I hope to ride with you soon!
Stephen Trutwin
Podiatrist & runner