Socks – Why Do We Need to Wear Them?

Socks – Why Do We Need to Wear Them?

The question of socks and hot, sweaty feet is one that generally requires a podiatrist to address. Some people involved in sporting activities are inclined to think that to put on shoes with no socks keeps the feet cooler.

This may not be the case, as once the foot is encased within a shoe that, in most situations, is just not produced specifically of an absorbent material, the feet may perhaps become even hotter and suffer even more from moisture-related issues, than when wearing socks.

How do you clean the inside of a shoe?

From a hygiene point of view, it is preferable to put on socks that will absorb moisture and are very easily laundered.

When a podiatrist encounters the results of feet overheating, this can be normally due to the wearing of nylon socks. There is a diverse range of materials used in modern socks, by far the cotton/nylon or wool/nylon mixtures are more desirable as these maintain their shape, while acting as a “wick” to transfer moisture away from the foot.


If the feet have a high rate of perspiration, this too can be addressed.

There are powders, which are readily available from pharmacies, these have an active ingredient that actually inhibits the production of perspiration from the sweat glands. Initially, the powder was created for use by people using artificial limbs. The reasoning being so that the skin of your limb did not become “soggy” at the connection with the artificial limb. Podiatrists will suggest this powder to people who experience hot, sweaty feet.

To prevent the spread of bacteria on the feet it is important to dry the feet thoroughly right after washing, paying specific focus for the skin in between the toes, as this is exactly where tinea or “athlete’s foot” might develop. This can be caused by a fungal infection. Fungi thrive in dark, warm, moist locations (like the inside of shoes). You’ll find some great remedies available for this condition both in the form of pharmaceuticals and home remedies, but prevention is always better than the cure.

To avoid the complications of hot sweaty feet and “athlete’s foot” do wear socks with shoes, and pay particular attention to foot hygiene; don’t forget that dry feet have healthier skin than moist feet.

Should you feel that you have a challenge with excess foot moisture – ask for professional assistance – and find the reasons underlying your sweaty feet, but especially do not go without socks.

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