Workplace Foot Safety

Workplace Foot Safety

Any workplace injury is a cause for concern. A traumatic injury sustained to the  foot is also of great concern as it can lead to a range of ongoing physical impairments:

Immediate and long term loss of foot function
Partial or total loss of foot structure

Any disturbance or injury to the foot, it’s functions and gait can display as discomfort, disability, lesions, arthritic changes and referred disabling effects on other skeletal structures such as hip, knee and back.

Extended periods of standing on hard, unyielding floor surfaces (such as concrete or steel plating, normally at extremes of temperature), can create severe chronic foot fatigue. This in turn will bring about common postural fatigue, tension, lowered effectiveness and concentration that may possibly trigger an industrial safety accident.

Workers in cold retailer environments will need to take into account thermal insulation for the foot.  Jobs demanding the continual wearing of rubber boots can present their very own troubles to people’s feet.

Workers in hot moist situations for instance breweries; bakeries, etc are very susceptible to fungal infections of skin and nails and secondary infections.

Female workers whose jobs demand the wearing of style footwear possess a high incidence of acquired foot deformities from young ages, as do teachers, hairdressers and retail assistants.

How does your Podiatrist manage your foot complaints?

Education on the importance of proper footwear, safety footwear and self-care as prevention of industry related foot problems.
Awareness of frequent foot conditions related to the occupation – at an individual, public health, union and occupational safety level.
Early rehabilitative intervention to stop long-term chronic disability and secondary troubles arising from injury.
Provision of modified footwear and/or insoles and orthotics to enhance foot function.
Assessment of injury and appropriate rehabilitation along with recommendations for workers compensation claims.

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